Travel Consultant Certification Program

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For those of you who have a passion for travel, here is your opportunity to provide consultation to all would be travelers. This is an intensive 26 weeks program.


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Toronto Economics & Management College

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26 Weeks

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Second Career, Line Of Credit

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This certificate program is designed to equip students with sufficient knowledge to work in an environment where sales, booking or handling of hotel accommodation, car rentals, Euro Passes, tour packages, travel insurances and documentations for travel products are sold to or provided for the travel clientele. As well, it will enhance the student with an in-depth know-how when dealing with travel products related to tourism in the Asia market, in particular. Interactive lectures, classroom exercises and hands-on practice on the use of the GDS (global distribution system) for airline bookings and ticketing and enriched by attendance of industry events guest speakers from the travel industry whenever possible.

The program length of this certificate program is 26 weeks each of which has an average number of 25 hours of instructor-led teaching which yields a total of 645 hours of classroom instruction.

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