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Develop the knowledge, strategies, and skills required to teach and engage young learners. Through classroom theory and practical activities, you?ll develop skills for preparing lessons, engaging young learners, supporting their language learning, managing the classroom, and effectively assessing student progress. This program is ideal if you are an international teacher working, or planning to work, in primary education.

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British Columbia


Greystone College

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4 weeks

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Why Choose the TKT?Young Learners Certificate.
Learn valuable strategies, skills, and knowledge required to teach English to young learners.
Discover how children learn language, and what kinds of activities and approaches will best support young learners.
Put classroom theories into practise in peer and micro teaching lessons.
Program designed by qualified and experienced experts in both ESL and public education for children, adolescents, and adults.
Program content will prepare you to take the optional internationally-recognized Cambridge Assessment English TKT?YL exam.

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