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The Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Diploma program was designed for driven, motivated learners looking to join the fast-paced world of business. Skills in sales and marketing are becoming increasingly valuable (and rare) in the growing global marketplace, and the time is now to take advantage of the strength of the economy and business world. It?s time to make your mark.

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You are:
A people person
Ready to set the world on fire!
The Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Diploma program was designed for driven, motivated learners looking to join the fast-paced world of business. Skills in sales and marketing are becoming increasingly valuable (and rare) in the growing global marketplace, and the time is now to take advantage of the strength of the economy and business world. It?s time to make your mark.
This is an intensive program, specifically targeting the skills necessary to thrive in a fast-paced environment. We refuse to rely solely on traditional methods like lectures and textbook readings; instead, our instructors focus on case studies, simulation activities, guests and outings, and exercises to help you develop and practice the skills you need to give you an edge in the business world. Our goal is to ensure that you become a seasoned Sales & Marketing Professional who has everything it takes to succeed ? all before graduation day.
That all sounds great! What exactly will I be learning?
Our Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Diploma Program provides hands-on practical experience and training in:

Authentic Selling: Be real to be really successful
We create the space for you to develop the practical skills needed to present goods and services to prospective buyers, we teach you (and allow you to practice and hone) the art of persuasion, and we do all of it from the philosophy that all sales begin with a relationship.

Sales Management: The numbers create the magic
You will become comfortable with cutting edge strategies and technologies used by successful businesses to promote products and services and increase both value and revenue.

Customer Service & Relationship Management: People first, people last, people always
You will learn the art of attracting and retaining customers, ensuring customer satisfaction, dealing with difficult customers, and the most important trait in sales and marketing: understanding customer trends and behaviours to see what?s coming in the future.

Marketing Research: Behind the scenes of real success
This overlooked but necessary skill allows our students to bring an understanding and effective use of the objectives, principles, and methods of marketing research to build and develop a business.

Digital Marketing: Bring your message to the masses
The hottest marketing trend since, well?ever! Our students dive deep into the world of social media marketing, branding, websites, email marketing and relationship building online ? all focused on the effective and efficient techniques that are expected in today?s marketplace.

Product Development: From million dollar idea to million dollar product
We demystify the steps to creating an entirely new product or invention, from prototype to new product launch, including marketing plans for new products.

Entrepreneurship: The Real Dragon?s Den
This real-world learning track allows you the opportunity to write a business plan and go through the steps of opening and operating your own business, including pitches to real investors.
This program involves 9 months of classroom work, developing and incubating your skills in each area of business. But you?re not done yet! With successful completion of the classroom component, you will be given the opportunity to complete a four-week practicum. You?ll be able to test, apply, and build on what you have learned and also gain valuable experience (hello resume building!) so you can hit the ground running after graduation.
Looking to continue your studies? This program has an articulation agreement with Crandall University if you wish to continue expanding your business and organizational education.
Duration: September?? June
Articulation:?This program has an articulation agreement with Crandall University.
Career Choices:
Businesses will always need creative Sales & Marketing professionals to help them think and act outside the box to reach consumers! Our program prepares you for opportunities to make any organization shine through the right combination of public relations, customer service and strategic marketing.
Marketing Coordinator
Director of Community Relations
Sales Representative
Marketing Analyst
Product Development Team Member
Customer Service
You Will Learn:
Digital Marketing
Market Research
Ethics in Marketing/sales
New Product Development
Innovative Marketing
Sales Methodology
Sales Management
Promotional Strategy
Customer Service
Public Relations
Marketing Analytics
Computer Applications
Technical Sales
Education Pathways:
Oulton College is proud to partner with Crandall University to provide students with a base education (a college education that can be credited towards the completion of a degree!)
Your diploma from Oulton College will allow you to transfer 24 credit hours toward the Adult Degree Completion Program? Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.
Course Descriptions:
Business Basics
This course is designed to introduce students to different aspects of a general business environment. Various topics such as global markets, economic challenges, competitive forces, forms of business ownership, and financial management will be covered. This information will provide students with a general understanding of how Canadian businesses operate.
Business Math
Students will learn how to perform business math equations both manually and for use with computer software, including: working with fractions, percents, decimals and ratios, calculating payroll net of all deductions, as well as calculating simple and compound interest.
Introduction to Marketing
This course provides students with their first exposure to the key concepts and theories of marketing. The course also teaches advertising and promotions, focusing on how to reach the right target markets with the right message. Key concepts include integrated marketing/communications, defining target audiences, costs of different types of media, and the roles within a communications agency. Through a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, guest speakers and role play; along with learning exercises such as case analyses, presentations (group and solo), a test, and a major marketing project, students will gain the knowledge to work at junior levels in the marketing and communications field.
Introduction to Professional Sales
The role of sales has changed dramatically over the last decade, with the new image of a sales person being that of someone who is highly professional and looking to provide the customer with products or services that match their needs. The success of sales professional hinges on his or her ability to understand the exact needs and wants of the customer and to align these with his or her product offering. The variety of sales tools will be identified. Much of the focus of the course will be on taking care of the customer through exceptional customer service and the 10 steps of selling.
Business Communications
Students are provided with the opportunity to develop effective communication skills. This course will prepare students for different types of verbal and written communications in the work place. It will cover numerous styles of letters and when they are used, as well as tactics for editing and proofreading. Students will prepare a resume, write cover letters, and create a business portfolio.
Introduction to Digital Marketing
The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve quickly. By integrating up-to-date information specializing in the social marketing environment along with a review of the importance of front-line staff feedback, the student will develop a clear understanding of the many ?touch points? where consumers or customers engage with a company. We will study a general overview of each aspect of Digital Marketing and sharing techniques/strategies you can implement effectively for business growth and development and develop a simple social strategy.
This course focuses on practical approaches to identifying business opportunities, developing a plan that assesses the viability of the new business, developing a financial analysis that is in the form expected by lenders (banks, specialty groups, angels, and partners), determine key performance indicators that are milestone-based, and to develop an effective network of advisors. Students will pitch their business idea to real investors.
Business Law
This course will provide general overview of legal aspects of business. The law concerning contracts in various situations will be dealt with. The course is designed to give the student an understanding of business law, including consumer protection legislation, and the general legal climate in Canada.
Computer Applications I and II
These courses introduce the concepts and principles underlying personal productivity tools that are widely used in business, such as word processing. Students learn basic computer terminology and concepts. Hands-on exercises provide students with experience in the use of personal computers and productivity tools. The student will create documents, format the document, work with graphics in a document, and properly proof the document. This course covers Excel at the introduction stage ? how to work with information, change information, create basic math formulas, and create charts. The student will also be introduced to basic concepts of creating a presentation in PowerPoint using the same techniques. Outlook is more than just an email tool ? the student will learn how to manage contacts, meetings, and their scheduling calendar.
Advanced Marketing
After learning the fundamental theories in part 1, this course focuses on practical approaches to marketing, along with more advanced concepts, such as ROI, supply claim management and product life cycles. This course provides a detailed study of the objectives, principles and methods of marketing research. Marketing research is covered from the perspective of the user as well as the practitioner of the research.
Advanced Sales
This is a comprehensive course in sales management principles and methods featuring the allocation of priorities to the company?s sales objectives and responsibilities; formulation of sales policies; the task of planning, organizing, staffing and controlling the work of the field sales force. Understanding the human dynamic in managing salespeople and discussing some of the opportunities and challenges that sales managers face in their day-to-day work. Discussing the role of sales management in the broader corporate environment and the career opportunities that are available working in the sales and sales management functions. The course also reinforces the need for sales managers to display strong ethical behaviour with customers and employees alike.
Technical Sales
Technical Sales is a growing field that requires trained professionals. This course provides students with the tools to successfully support the sales of virtual products and services from a technical perspective. Students will learn the fundamental aspects of Business-Business selling and how to build a sales funnel to qualify prospects and convert them to leads. We will cover how to prioritize leads using sales automation tools, setting customer personas and developing email sequences for the effective personalized email campaign. Students will also learn how to answer queries, provide technical advice and run an effective pre-sales presentations and demos.
Advanced Digital Marketing
As a continuation of Intro to Digital Marketing, students will continue learning the steps to proper content creation and storytelling principles. In this course there will be a large focus on the major digital marketing channels, how to use them, when to use them, and how to reach your target audience. We will cover tools that exist to monitor social media, and how they are used to analyze and drive results. Students will also be exposed to how growth hacking can be used for connection with customers on multiple types of digital media platforms.
Marketing Analysis
Marketers have access to a tremendous amount of data about their customers, products, services, and sales. Utilized strategically, this data can provide insights into trends and opportunities for the astute businessperson. This course will reach you techniques for discerning important information from the data, and how to use this information to make key strategic decisions for your business.
Advanced Advertising and Promotions
This course covers the marketing concept of promotion, in all its form. Integrated marketing communications is introduced as the coordinating force in promotion; advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and events are explored as the key promotional techniques. The promotional process is covered from the stand- point of the firm. The course will also cover the nature and the process of communications/PR and the impact it has on the individual and the organizational consumer. Students will also be able to work on creating a creative brief for a local business.
International Sales and Marketing
This course focuses on theoretical and practical techniques used in selling goods and services in the international marketplace. Emphasis will be on dealing with various cultures and ethnic groups that make up the international market. Attention will be paid to adapting theoretical selling skills to fit different cultural requirements of the market, in order to achieve effective partnerships culminating in long-term relations. This class also examines the international activities of firms from a marketing perspective. While Canada is a very active trading nation in terms of both importing and exporting, the focus of this course will primarily be on exporting, particularly from the perspective of small- and medium-sized companies.
*Content is subject to change by administration as required to meet program and profession standards.

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