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Are you interested in how the body functions and in helping others to heal and achieve optimal functionality? Get the in-depth training you need to start a rewarding career in the physiotherapy or occupational therapy field. Learn more.

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Oxford College of Arts Business and Technology

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OSAP, Second Career, Scholarship

Become Qualified in Physio/Occupational Therapist Assisting
The Physio/Occupational Therapist Assistant program at Oxford College provides students with the knowledge, skills, and tools that are necessary to perform their duties as an OTA/ PTA. Graduates will develop a strong foundation in relevant principles and theory, and gain supervised practical experience in both OTA and PTA roles.

As an OTA/PTA, you will work under the supervision of and in collaboration with occupational therapists and physiotherapists, respectively. Graduates assist these therapists to teach and enable clients to effectively cope with their limitations in movement, daily functioning, and activities whether temporary or permanent, during and following recovery.

Through the practicum experience, you will engage with occupational therapists and physiotherapists to enable clients to meet their own expected goals. The core objectives of the Physio/Occupational Therapist Assistant program are consistent with relevant regulations and the policies and procedures established by the practice setting.

During the Physio/Occupational Therapist Assistant program, you will learn how to:

Communicate appropriately and effectively, through verbal, nonverbal, written and electronic means with clients, their families, and significant others, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other health care providers
Ensure personal safety and contribute to the safety of others
Document and complete client records in a thorough, objective, accurate, and nonjudgmental manner
Perform functions common to both physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices that contribute to the development, implementation and modification of intervention/treatment plans, under the supervision of and in collaboration with the OTA/PTA
Enable the client?s occupational performance by contributing to the development, implementation, and modification of intervention/treatment plans, under the supervision of and in collaboration with the OTA/PTA

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