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The ABHI Pharmacy Assistant career-focused Program is designed to help students prepare for a career in the health care industry as Pharmacy Assistants. This program integrates knowledge in theory and practical applications to enable the students efficiently perform the job responsibilities attached to their new roles as Pharmacy Assistants. It is intended to orient the students to the fundamental workings and structure of a community and hospital-based pharmacy.

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Alberta Business and Health Institute

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19 Weeks

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Alberta Student Aid, Line Of Credit, Scholarship

Program Overview
From assisting in the processing of prescriptions to administrative duties, Pharmacy Assistants are
largely responsible for the smooth running of pharmacies. Pharmacists and their technicians rely heavily
on Pharmacist Assistants to aid in the various technical aspects of pharmacy operations. Pharmacy
assistants are crucial health care professionals whose duties go beyond drug preparation, inventory
management and assisting customers. They have a wide range of responsibilities including
administrative duties, merchandising, compounding, replenishing shelves & taking inventory, answering
phone calls and responding to clients in-person inquiries, just to mention a few. Pharmacy assistants
take on these job responsibilities to enable pharmacists focus on patient care.
This 19 week-long program is orchestrated to favorably distinguish our graduates in the job market.
Completion of this program gives you an edge in the market to compete favorably for an entry-level
position in the pharmaceutical industry. You will experience hands-on-training and will be given the right
exposure that will help you develop confidence and the right mindset that will set you apart from the
The demand for pharmacy assistants is expected to rise in Canada and this program aims to fulfil the
rising need of Pharmacy Assistants in community pharmacies as well as institutional pharmacies. This
program lays a solid foundation for individuals who may wish to further their education and transition to
become Pharmacy Technicians.
ABHI offers a timetable to meet the individual needs of students. Students have the option of taking the
course part-time weekdays (days or evenings) or weekends.
Some career opportunities for a successful student upon graduation include:
Clinical Pharmacy Assistant
Diabetic Meter Assistant
Medical Clerical Assistant in Research Firms and Care Agencies
Medical Supply Firms
Pharmaceutical Firms
Retail Pharmacy Assistant
Institutional and Long-term Care Pharmacies across Canada

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