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The Pharmaceutical Research & Development diploma is a program that teaches the theoretical knowledge needed to assist in the development and creation of innovative drug products. Students will get to experience these processes as they complete practical projects in TIPT?s industry standard GMP facility.

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Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

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52 Weeks

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OSAP, Grants, Second Career

The innovative development of pharmaceutical drugs is a unique process which requires the expertise of highly trained professionals. The Pharmaceutical Research & Development program prepares students to ensure this process is completed to the highest possible standard across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, food, cosmetics, and other life-science industries.
In just over one year, you can gain the specialized knowledge and practical skills for a lucrative and rewarding career in the pharmaceutical research & development industry. Not only will you learn the theoretical knowledge needed to work in pharmaceutical research and drug development, but you will get to put these ideas into practice in TIPT?s GMP-approved pilot plant.
Program Highlights
Training in innovative drug development techniques
Training in Health Canada approved GMP Facility
Small class size optimizing professor interaction
Industry relevant training
High employment placement
High entry level salary

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