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With a combination of strong problem-solving skills and practical software applications, this course is suited to those changing careers, entering, or returning to the work force.

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Nova Scotia


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Office Admininstration Diploma Program
825 Hours In-class Instruction
240 Hours Work Placement (practicum) experience
Become an Office Administrator

Enter the workforce with a combination of strong problem-solving skills and practical software applications. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to such positions as bookkeeper, accounting or administrative assistant, receptionist or secretarial, database designer and manager, information management or presentation designer, etc.
Concentrate on word processing and information management, office procedures, manual and computerized accounting, business english, communications, and financial management.

Program Description
Office Administration is a comprehensive business training program. The program concentrates on business computer applications, Word Processing, Information Management (database), Desktop Publishing, along with related subjects such as Office Procedures, Business Communications, Business English, Accounting Fundamentals, Computerized Accounting as well as Financial Management.
This program is designed to help participants gain the necessary skills to enter the work force through various types of occupations. The program is suited to students entering the work force for the first time, students returning to the work force with enhanced skills and those looking to change careers.
Our Office Administration program stresses problem solving skills and cooperative learning together with computer applications as a way of keeping pace with the ever changing software applications available today.
Graduates completing the Office Administration program have the skills to seek employment in occupations such as: bookkeepers, accounting assistants, administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists, database designers and managers, presentation design, information management etc.

Program Duration:
The program consists of 825 hours of in class instruction and
240 hours of work place (practicum) experience.
Course of study will include the following:
WordProcessing/Document Preparation
Information Management (Database)
Micro Computer Operating Systems
Office Procedures
Document/File Management
Business Communication
Business English
Accounting Fundamentals/Bookkeeping
Computerized Accounting
Financial Management

Entrance Requirements:
The entrance requirements for this program are Grade 12, GED, or minimum Wonderlic (14) cut score, and a clear Criminal Record Check.
Starts September

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