Network Security Technician

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Equip yourself with the technical skills to keep network systems secure. Learn how PC hardware and software operates and how to assess, resolve and communicate network disruptions.

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Robertson College

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49 Weeks

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Manitoba Student Aid, Scholarship, Bursary

Program Overview
In the Network Security Technician Program you will learn about system analysis and how to ensure network and system security. You will gain an understanding of network operation, computer and Internet security, cybercrime and ways to combat cybercrime.
Learn about PC hardware and software concepts including installation, configuration and troubleshooting stand-alone PCs and networks
Learn about the intrusion detection techniques used to discover intrusion attempts, how to respond to break-ins and assess the damage to the network
Gain an overview of the field of information security including inspection and protection of information assets, the detection and reaction to threats, and examination of pre and post-incident procedures
Be introduced to the fundamentals of cyber crime and be exposed to a variety of current computer-related crimes, cyber crime activities, methods, and tools
Learn about Internet Security including the technologies, terminology and processes related to general, network and operating system security
Examine the Linux operating system from the perspective of a system power user and administrator
Learn to use Microsoft Windows applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Develop professional business skills necessary to communicate in a dynamic workplace
You will also gain career-building skills such as communication, customer service, and career search strategies.
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