Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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Understand the key components of supply chain management including demand forecasting, inventory regulation and resource planning. Learn how to create a strategic transportation plan.

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Robertson College

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Supply Chain Management

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48 Weeks

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Manitoba Student Aid, Scholarship, Bursary

Program Overview
Global supply chain activities are projected to continue their rapid growth. As a result, there are more opportunities than ever before for professionals who are trained for effective logistics and supply chain management.
In this program, you will be prepared to:
Understand the key components of supply management including demand forecasting, inventory management, resource planning, lean thinking, and Six Sigma management philosophies
Gain an overview of Canadian business and learn the fundamentals of the Canadian economic system including understanding supply and demand, elasticity, and monopoly
Be introduced to the many dimensions of business logistics with an emphasis on physical distribution and transportation of raw materials, inputs, and finished products
Understand the operations and structure of different modes of transportation including rail, water, air and highway
Gain an understanding of operations management and how to carry out the transformation of resources into products and services efficiently
Learn purchasing fundamentals with an emphasis on strategic cost management in the face of the recent economic recession
Learn project management principles from planning to execution of projects, the roles of the project team and project manager as well as the use of IT systems in project management
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