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Graduates will provide business and industry with many areas of office support.


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Windsor Career College

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30 Weeks

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OSAP, Line Of Credit, Second Career, LLP

To secure employment in today?s job market you need advanced business skills. In order to enter the workforce or change careers, you must have a solid foundation in basic skills. This diploma program has been designed to provide you with skills in preparation for today?s legal office administration. Graduates will be able to provide office support in the areas of information processing, report writing and presentations, software support training, legal secretarial support and electronic file management.

An in-depth understanding oh how law firms operate & legal terminology
Strong communication skills (oral and written)
Familiarity with Canadian, commercial & business law concepts
Advanced software skills including spreadsheets, databases, presentations and electronic mail
Improve business relations with a focus team building, networking and project management
Computerized Accounting Systems: payroll, inventory, financial statements, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks

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