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The Hospitality Management with Co-op Diploma program equips students with the skills necessary to work in the hospitality industry and lays the key foundations for their growth into supervisory and management positions. Through its partnership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), Brighton College delivers high-quality curriculum including supervisory principles and practices in the food and beverage industry, housekeeping management, security and safety equipment procedures, employment laws and personnel management, contemporary technology use, and hospitality marketing and sales strategies.

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British Columbia


Brighton College

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72 Weeks

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StudentAid BC, Line Of Credit, Grants

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this program the successful student will have the ability to:

Demonstrate strong communication skills both in written and oral presentation.
Use MS Word to create, edit, format, and manipulate documents in a professional manner.
Use MS Excel to create spreadsheets, perform calculations and print results.
Develop supervisory skills in food and beverage industry employing essential management principles and leadership abilities.
Evaluate the flow of information through the front office operation and describe the use and importance of various front office procedures and reports. Define the relationship and interactions between various hotel departments.
Understand the process of purchasing, implementing, maintaining and effectively managing a variety of technology systems.
Recognize the many entities that make up the Hospitality Industry and acquire an overview of issues including ethnical challenges and management concerns.
Understand the importance of diversity and cultural change as they prepare to put their training in leadership skills and abilities and management tools into action.
Employ the principles and practices of housekeeping management as they apply to the hospitality industry including changes being implemented to protect the environment.
Explain the need for a wide variety of security and safety equipment and procedures ensuring guest protection and for asset protection.
Describe the physical plant of a hotel or restaurant, as well as strategies for how to work effectively with the engineering and maintenance department.
Analyze contemporary issues and practices as well as employment laws that have an impact on the way people are managed in hotels and restaurants.
Understand the management process in food and beverage operations including organization, marketing, menus, costs and pricing, production, service, safety, and finances.
Acquire skills in hospitality marketing and develop practical sales techniques for selling to the targeted markets.
Develop an understanding of the concepts and procedures related to the processing of hospitality financial data, the flow of financial information and the financial statements produced.
Apply known job search techniques to find viable opportunities, strategies in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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