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This certificate in hospitality provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the many entities that make up the Hospitality Industry, as well as an overview of today?s hot issues including but not limited to ethical challenges and management concerns. The course features information on green hotels and restaurants, hotel technology, application of management techniques as well as how internet, e-mail and social media have changed hospitality marketing. Students will also learn the required job search skills they need to become employed in the hospitality and service industry.

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British Columbia


Brighton College

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12 Weeks

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StudentAid BC, Line Of Credit, Grants

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this program the successful student will have the ability to:

Recognize the many entities that make up the Hospitality Industry and acquire an overview of issues including challenges and management concerns.
Assess the management priorities of the operation of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations.
Demonstrate effective communication skills both in written and oral presentation.
Demonstrate how to provide a level of guest service that leaves a lasting impression on each guest and builds customer relationships that can last a lifetime.
Apply known job search techniques to find viable opportunities, strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition.
Apply knowledge, skills and abilities gained through the course to accelerate their workplace advancement within the hospitality industry.
Understand and practice Safe food handling practices.
Understand the laws and responsibilities related to the responsible service of alcoholic beverages.
Explain the difference between commercial and non-commercial food service operations and describe the purpose and structure of organization charts and the various organizational structures of food and beverage operations.
Explain marketing in terms of providing guest-pleasing service, and discuss the elements and importance of feasibility studies, marketing research, and marketing plans.
Identify technological innovations that help food and beverage operations address sustainability concerns.

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