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Learn how to make video games for a living. Train at VCAD and transform your passion into a lifelong career.


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British Columbia


Visual College of Art and Design – Vancouver

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Art and Design

Program Duration

72 weeks

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StudentAid BC, Line Of Credit, Scholarship, Grant, Bursary

The Game Development and Design program at VCAD focuses on providing graduates with the solid foundation in the technical and artistic skills they need to become a part of this growing industry.
You’ll learn the key of storytelling, game design, game play, modeling, and animation techniques. Students acquire a solid foundation in traditional artistic techniques as well. From color theory, design fundamentals to life drawing, you will apply this knowledge to the production and animation of characters, lighting, texturing, layout and design.
Graduates of the Game Development and Design program are prepared for work in a variety of CGI based industries like computer animation studios, game development companies, post production and special effects studios.

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