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The program is based on core competencies including competencies taken from specialization A of the Diploma of Collegial Studies, Office System Technology 412.A0 i.e. Office Work Coordination.


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The program is based on core competencies including competencies taken from specialization A of the Diploma of Collegial Studies, Office System Technology 412.A0 i.e. Office Work Coordination.

It is designed to provide the student with all the key concepts in:

Using computer tools and software commonly used in office work related to word processing and data processing;
Language skills, i.e. good command of written English, sufficient knowledge of spoken French
Human resources management
Budget management and tracking expenses
Planning and organizing a work unit
Students will develop their communication skills throughout the training through written work and oral presentations in French.

The program therefore follows a logical progression of learning starting with the basic notions in session 1 and progressing by deepening the notions along with the complexity and scope of the projects handled in sessions 2 and 3. The weighting encourages the practical application of concepts specific to the acquisition of language skills, mainly in the Microsoft Office suite software, in financial and human resource management as well as the operations of an office work unit.

The students will be confronted with situations specific to the targeted workplace in which they will have to solve problems and demonstrate their organizational and stress management skills.

Job search and self-awareness techniques will be taught in session 2 so that students will be ready at the beginning of their third session to commence looking for work in preparation of their graduation. They will thus be able to count on the college?s support in their efforts to find employment while they are still students.

Program goals
The profile corresponds to 1222 ? Executive assistants of the National Occupational Classification. This profession is among the most in demand in Qu?bec according to the online site LMI.

Duties for which students are prepared for, include:

Analyzing memos, briefs and reports received and to be sent, preparing presentations and reports for executives, committees or boards of directors, and coordinating the preparation, production and presentation of these documents;
Supporting management in managing the agenda, priorities, communications, expenditure management, and in the carrying out of its mandates;
Supporting management in the recruitment of personnel and ensuring work team management;
Setting up an internal document management and tracking system while ensuring quality control of documents;
Managing the accounting of expense accounts, budgets, invoices, and bank accounts;
Solve administrative problems independently;
Preparing agendas for committees, boards of directors, and other meetings, and arranging for the holding of such meetings;
Conducting research, compiling data and preparing documents for review and presentation by senior management, committees and boards of directors;
Meeting with special interest groups and other individuals or groups on behalf of management, committees and boards of directors, to identify issues and to assess and recommend various courses of actions;
Liaising with senior management or departments or companies, and other organizations or associations, on behalf of management, committees and boards of directors.
Job titles that graduates of the program hold include:
Executive Assistant
Corporate Secretary
By the end of the program, graduates will be able to:

Operate at a higher level common word-processing and data-processing software programs
Operate a common computerized visual presentation software program
Write administrative document in high-quality written English
Communicate orally in French
Keep track of expenses and budgets
Assist management in the recruitment of personnel
Effectively manage a work team
Solve problems specific to the office workplace
Ensuring your integration into the labour market

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