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Accepted students undergo an intensive 18-week program, including formal academic lectures by high level YEDI instructors, workshop-based training in entrepreneurship, and mentorship by key industry leaders. This program is more in-depth than YEDI?s Incubator program. At the end of the program, entrepreneurs will have a professionally developed business plan, an executive summary, and a proper business model that is ready to pitch and potentially bring to the market. Upon successful program completion, participants receive a formal certification from YEDI.


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York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

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18 Weeks

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Selected entrepreneurs participate in sessions facilitated by YEDI professors and instructors, providing a solid foundation in business theory and economics. Theory examined includes: entrepreneurship, marketing and sales strategy, business development and growth, finance, and communication skills. Successful entrepreneurs quickly need to learn where they lack expertise and require a network of support. Entrepreneurs participate in sessions that will prepare them for real-life application of theory to achieve inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Topics include: visioning, environmental scanning, finance and fundraising.

Framework of the Entrepreneurship Essentials Program

Includes but is not limited to:

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Business Communication and Negotiations

Business Modelling
Social Entrepreneurship

Financial Planning

Legal Fundamentals of Small Business

Entrepreneurs often benefit by sharing best practices, challenges, and accomplishments with one another. The YEDI Director coordinates regular entrepreneur cluster meetings to facilitate constructive feedback, group exercises, and peer-support. Participants are also expected to complete assignments that are assigned to guide the business development process. Each assignment and achieved goal will form a component of the final proof-of-concept, with which the entrepreneur will graduate the program.

Entrepreneurs will be matched with subject matter experts across diverse industries. The YEDI Program Coordinator will ensure that volunteer mentors from pertinent sectors are available for valuable insight, problem-solving, and networking opportunities.

A business will not survive in a competitive market if it lacks customer service, people management skills, and is unable to relate well to clients, vendors, and staff. Students will take in both a lecture and a seminar involving key components of business communication skills. Our partner National Communication Coaching Association of Canada (NCCA) helps entrepreneurs with their business branding, writing, communication tactics and pitch presentations.

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