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The goal of this Montessori Elementary Education Course is to provide a thorough understanding of The Secret of Childhood, to help them gain insights into the true nature of the child (6-9), to model the use of an impressive array of invaluable learning tools, and to demonstrate how respect for the child's "inner teacher" serves as the integrating principle for effective elementary education.

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Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute (Downtown)

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The MACTE accredited Elementary Montessori Diploma Course includes lectures and essays on Montessori child psychology, the Montessori concept of education, demonstration and practice with the Montessori materials, sharing impressions of readings, and construction of hand-made materials for use in Elementary classrooms.

The Elementary curriculum includes study in the areas of biology, botany, geography, history, language and literacy, sciences, mathematics, music and creative arts. Cosmic education illustrates the long preparation of the earth coming to life, the unity of and harmony in all things, the impact of human beings on the environment, the interdependence with it, and the education for peace.

The Elementary Internship as an integral part of the training consists of an Internship of 400 hours including a minimum of 120 hours of observation and supervised teaching practice in a Montessori elementary classroom.

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