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This two-year Diploma in Digital Business Management Co-op program is ideal for students who want to pave the way for a successful career in business management in today?s diverse and changing world. Upon building valuable core competencies in business, graduates can seek roles in a variety of different fields, including marketing, finance, human resources and management.

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Toronto School of Management

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Every 2 Months

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Scholarship, Bursary, Line Of Credit, LLP

Become an effective leader by learning fundamental business strategies and industry-recognized methods for managing people. Understand the role of technology and digital literacy as a modern day professional by leveraging cutting edge tools and problem-solving skills to navigate today?s digital landscape.
Program Outcomes
Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective manager
Enhance your personal and professional skills to achieve your goals
Use cognitive and problem-solving skills to operate effectively individually and as part of a team, including the consideration of business ethics
Learn the “Manage the Salesforce Way” to discover strategies and tools to be a great manager
Prepare for work in a range of cultures and countries
Use computers and other devices in accordance with fundamental cybersecurity practices
Learn fundamental marketing concepts, terms and ideas
Understand how to create effective communication strategies

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