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A diploma in Dental Office Administration with Internship prepares students for a career working in dental offices and clinics. Students receive training in dental office procedures, dental terminology, dental anatomy and physiology, word processing, and patient database management.

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KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS GAINED Students learn how to effectively operate the reception and front office of a dental clinic. Additionally, students work on dental software to learn how to enter patients, schedule appointments, upload x-rays, bill insurance companies, and more. Students learn how to cope with dental emergencies and how to deal with special needs and medically compromised patients. On completing this program, students will have excellent communication skills, and will possess a good knowledge of the dental office environment. 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Trains on techniques & skills to achieve success in personal and professional life. Computer Fundamentals and Internet ? Trains on basic computer skills, creating and managing documents and using internet. Keyboarding Skills ? helps increase the speed and accuracy on the use of keyboard using touch type with the right keys. English I – Develops college-level grammar, vocabulary, sentence variety, paragraph structure, reading, and writing skills, which are necessary for success in all other courses. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint ? Introduces word processing, spread sheets, power point presentations. Microsoft Outlook – Explores the basic and advanced features of Outlook. Dental Office Administration I- Explores?various dental specialties, dental ethics, and oversight organizations like?The Canadian Dental Association.?? Students learn about?oral embryology, the life cycle of a tooth, and the anatomy of teeth, and the head, and neck.? Students explore?dental caries and periodontal disease, as well as preventive dentistry, and?nutrition.? They also learn about disease transmission, autoclave?and sterilization. Dental Office Administration II- Covers?patient registration, medical-dental history, dental exams and?treatment plans. They explore dental pharmacology and prescriptions, dental emergencies, and clinical equipment.? They also learn about?anesthesia and pain control and?dental x-rays. Dental Office Administration III- Explores endodontics,?periodontics,?orthodontics, and oral?surgery.? Students learn about communication, both written and verbal, and dealing with patient needs.??They learn the basics of?marketing a dental practice, as well as dental office procedures, record keeping, and creating an operations procedure manual.? Students use dental software to learn to schedule appointments and deal with dental accounting.? Professional Skills- Trains on interpersonal skills required for successful induction and working in professional world. Internship – This program includes a 100 hour internship to provide students with hands-on training in the field with a suitable employer. CIMT College arranges the 4 weeks practicum for students. Students may work in any facility which employs dental office administrators. This includes but is not limited to dental clinics, dental labs, dental surgeons offices, and dental units in hospitals. Students may also work for a dental specialty practice, including but not limited to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial pathology, endodontics, public health dentistry, and oral and maxillofacial radiology. The host will enable the student to observe or participate in a placement where the focus is on providing administrative dental support. Dental Software Students learn how to use the dental software: ABELDent Entering a New Dental Patient, Updating the Personal Tab, Dental Insurance, Treatment Plans, Financial Information, Scheduling Appointments, Recording Notes, Uploading X-rays and Images, Recording Medications, Uploading Patient Documents, Chart Notes, Working with Contacts, Reports Students will practice on the software in the classroom during training lectures, as well as have the opportunity to download a trial version at home to prepare them for their career. WHY THIS PROGRAM? Dental Office Administration with Internship is a program that is our shortest, at only 3 months, to quickly prepare students for employment in a dental office. With the knowledge and skills to handle dental office administration, students pursuing this program are swiftly hired into the dental workforce. ?If students wish to expand their training, they can continue with Medical Office Administration, or Medical office Administration with Health Unit Coordinating. ASSOCIATED NATIONAL OCCUPATION CLASSIFICATION (NOC) CODES After pursuing a Diploma in Dental Office Administration with Internship you are eligible for positions falling under the following NOC Codes NOC -1243 ? Dental Secretaries ? They perform various secretarial and administrative jobs in dental offices.? NOC -1414? Dental Receptionist ? They work reception and oversee the front office in a dental clinic.??????????????????????????? Common Job Titles which you can apply for include ? Dental Secretaries, Dental Front Office, Dental?Receptionist JOB FUNCTIONS Dental Office Administrators perform some or all of the following duties: Scheduling appointments with dental patients and confirming appointments. Handling telephonic queries from patients, related businesses etc. Handling the patients when they visit the dental?office. Creating their records, maintaining their files and updating the records. Proofreading the records and filing them appropriately. Informing patients regarding appointments, reports requiring visit etc. Preparing bills for various payment, including insurance companies and co-pays Entering the data relating to patients using dental?software. Maintaining record of all correspondence. Ordering supplies and maintaining the inventory in the dental office. Determining the dental office procedures and ensure that they are followed. JOB REQUIREMENTS Job openings in the field of Dental Office Administration usually seek a person who has completed college or other equivalent diploma. Since majority of the dental offices are now using computer software for maintaining patient records and files, the knowledge of computers is considered essential. It is also essential to have an understanding of dental software, which this program includes. While some dental offices and clinics will hire fresh graduates with little or no experience, some dentists will desire 1-2 years of experience. EMPLOYMENT AREAS & PROSPECTS Dental Office Administration with Internship develops skills which provide you with the opportunity of employment in any dental clinic or office. Most dentists are single practitioners, although some partner with 2-3 other dentists in order to grow a larger clinic or offer more flexible hours to patients.

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