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Learn the cloud computing concepts needed to secure cloud information, manage data and provide security guidance to cloud business users. Help businesses understand the data life cycle.

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44 weeks

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Manitoba Student Aid, Scholarship, Bursary

Program Overview
Robertson?s Cyber and Cloud Security program was developed in consultation with the following industry experts: Privity Systems Inc. and Security Resource Group Inc. Robertson is in constant consultation with industry experts to ensure the curriculum and its delivery is relevant, timely and aligned with industry standards and best practices.
The Cyber & Cloud Security program will give you the tools to keep cloud customers and organizations information secure allowing you to provide the following to an organization:
Help the organization:
Determine data requirements (i.e. Credit Card data for PCI DSS compliance, Personally Identifiable Information for Privacy legislation compliance, Classified data, etc.)?
Understand which data must remain confidential
Understand which systems must maintain configuration and data integrity (such as financial systems, HR systems, e-commerce data, databases etc.)
Understand which systems and data must support availability requirements (uptime ? e-commerce sites, critical infrastructure, services bound by Service Level Agreements or SLAs)
Identify vulnerabilities and potential breaches in data confidentiality, system and data integrity, data and system availability, and escalate appropriately
Provide security guidance to business users wanting to leverage cloud computing
Work with IT business process owners to create or maintain management procedures, daily operating procedures, and standards documentation to facilitate a uniform delivery of service
Help business understand the data life cycle (create, store, use, share, archive, destroy) and the related responsibilities of the data
Participate in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the organization?s information/cybersecurity management program
Perform complex technical activities using cloud platforms (such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform) that improve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and related systems
Validate configurations of technologies support the objectives of the organization, maintaining security while controlling costs?
Work with cloud technology, such as software-defined networks, virtual machines, hypervisors, containers, container orchestration technologies, virtual firewalls, virtual intrusion detection systems, data loss prevention systems, file integrity monitoring systems, security information and event management systems, Windows, Linux
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