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Students will be required to attend in-person classes for hands-on training during the first three terms of the program:

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British Columbia


Stenberg College

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90 weeks

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March, June & October

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StudentAid BC, Scholarship, Line Of Credit

About the Counselling Therapist Program
All theory will be?delivered online, allowing you to study from the comfort of your?home.?Counselling practicum?placements will be provided by?Moving Forward Family Services (MFFS)?throughout B.C., giving you the opportunity to complete practicum in your local community.
Students will be required to attend in-person classes for hands-on training during the first three terms of the program:
Term 1: 6 days on campus
Term 2:?6 days on campus
Term 3:?5 days on campus
Our Counselling Therapist program is built on a foundation of evidence-based, reflective, and ethical practice. You will develop an understanding of the biological, psychological, and social underpinnings of everyday human problems and mental health issues, as well as frameworks to change them. Under the guidance of expert counsellor instructors and practicum supervisors, you will apply and deepen your learning throughout the program with in-class role plays and weekly integrated practicum hours with real clients.
On a weekly basis, Stenberg students have supervised counselling sessions with real clients from Moving Forward Family Services (MFFS). MFFS is a non-profit organization that offers free short-term and low-cost long-term counselling services across Canada. Using interns and new graduates, this unique model allows MFFS to offer timely, affordable counselling and support without being restricted by gender, age, geography or presenting issues. MFFS? vision is to ensure no one is ever turned away from quality counselling services.
Admission Requirements
Mature student status (19+ years of age)
English 12 or equivalent*
Passing verbal test of English if English is an additional language or equivalent*
Completion of a Criminal Record Consent Form under the?Criminal Record Review Act
*Entrance requirements can be met with evidence of alternate assessments such as Challenge Exams, or acceptable standardized English equivalency tests as per the Stenberg College language proficiency chart. Evidence of post-secondary studies at an equivalent level where English was the first language is acceptable.

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