Computer Networking & Security

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This program provides hands-on training with latest computer theories & their applications.


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Windsor Career College

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40 Weeks

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OSAP, Line Of Credit, Second Career, LLP

The Computer Networking & Security Diploma program is a hands-on training program that strikes a balance between the latest computer theories and their applications. Students learn about real-life networking environments, which prepare you to take on a variety of information technology (IT) roles relating to local area networking, support, computer systems administration, network security and user support. Exposure to networking technologies will help you to develop problem-solving and analytic skills. You will also learn about the necessity for security and how the needs of information assurance affect all aspects of implementing, managing and utilizing network resources.

Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

Design, build, maintain and troubleshoot local area networks
Integrate the computer and network security into the installation of network software and hardware, as well as business practices, usage policies, and user education
Provide appropriate technical support/assistance to other users
Troubleshoot and repair basic computer network hardware and software problems
Effectively communicate computer (and network) related technical information in verbal, written and presentation formats
Provide input to IT and business managers on using computers and networks to solve business problems and enhance productivity

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