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Learn how to provide emotional, physical and social support to individuals in need and truly make a difference in their lives. Gain a deep understanding of counselling and support techniques.

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Robertson College

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Community Services

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48 Weeks

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Manitoba Student Aid, Scholarship, Bursary

Program Overview
Learn about adolescent growth and the issues that are relevant at each stage of development including puberty, sexual development and awareness, and physical, cognitive and social development
Explore the social, cultural and environmental issues that affect the development of a child
Understand the nature of addiction and become familiar with the major substances of abuse and their impact on the body
Understand the mental and social aspects of aging, including their effect on information processing, relationships, personality and more
Understand the impact of chronic illness and developmental disabilities on aging and social work for persons with disabilities
Learn counselling and support techniques for working with children, youth, and adults
Acquire the knowledge and skills to implement Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) care plans for adults and children
Develop the essential knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to provide excellent palliative care to those who are dying as well as providing support for their families
Explore the causes, occurrences, and theories of the more common forms of mental illness
Develop the knowledge and skills to perform psychosocial?rehabilitation and care planning for individuals and families dealing with mental illness
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