Civil Infrastructure Design Technology

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This program emphasizes infrastructure practices in civil engineering. Students will study civil infrastructure design, drafting, and construction methods. Topics covered include current building construction practices, civil infrastructure construction standards, and the use of computer-aided design and drafting software (including AutoCAD and Civil 3D)

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British Columbia


Brighton College

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35 Weeks

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StudentAid BC, Line Of Credit, Grants

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the diploma in Civil Engineering Design Technology, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

Use AutoCAD effectively to create working drawings
Use AutoCAD as a tool to work on architectural and structural drawings
Apply local building code standards to architectural drawings
Layout buildings in civil land development subdivision plans
Perform geometric design for roadway systems
Apply TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) design standards to road infrastructure design
Understand civil infrastructure road pavement design and construction standards
Understand civil roadworks inspection techniques
Apply hydraulic principles and engineering formulas to design municipal sewer and water piping services
Use Civil 3D to create land development subdivision and infrastructure drawings
Use Civil 3D to create plan, profile and cross section drawings
Use conventional surveying equipment to perform surveying tasks
Create a working drawing portfolio for presentation during interviews
Apply the knowledge and skills to the practicum placement to gain practical employment experience (*Practicum only)

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