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This enhanced management program combines the Sprott Shaw College Business Administration Management content with the Harvard Business School HBSO Credential of Readiness (CORe)* courses.

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British Columbia


Sprott Shaw College – Chilliwack

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94 Weeks

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StudentAid BC, Scholarship, Line Of Credit, Bursary

This enhanced management program combines the Sprott Shaw College Business Administration Management content with the Harvard Business School HBSO Credential of Readiness (CORe)* courses. This Harvard Business School program covers the fundamentals of business in a way that allows participants to understand how business works and to develop the skills necessary to increase their ability to contribute to an organization?s success. HBSO CORe is a three-course cohort-based program designed to engage participants in active learning, whereby participants are expected to contribute to the learning of others. Concepts are taught in the context of real-world situations, designed to transform abstract concepts into observable learning situations. Students will complete the three-course HBSO CORe program during the in-class instruction of their studies. Graduates of this program will receive a diploma from Sprott Shaw College, as well as a Credential of Readiness from the Harvard Business School HBSO. This program includes a Co-op placement. This placement enables the student to gain first-hand paid experience in the chosen career field while enabling Instructional staff to observe the student in a practice situation. Please note successful completion of the Co-op is required for graduation. * Beyond the Credential of Readiness, Harvard Business School HBSO will not offer course or degree credits or any formal academic credential for the CORe program. Learning Objectives Business Administration Management with Co-op ? HBX CORe graduates are able to: Develop strategic business plansManage various digital marketing channels such as social mediaDevelop and manage project plansDevise and execute effective negotiation strategies and sales presentationsPerform accounting activities and analyze financial statementsEvaluate return on investment for business operations or marketing activitiesUse SEO and web analytics to improve profitabilityProvide accurate forecasting and cash flow estimationEvaluate markets, demand, supply and costCollect, process, and interpret data used to support businessCreate visual representations of data that allow you to recognize trends and detect outliersDefine and calculate descriptive statistics to summarize data sets conciselyAnalyze relationships between two variables by creating scatter plots and calculating the correlation coefficientModel scenarios and analyze the impact of market changes by constructing supply and demand curves for individuals and marketsDetermine a revenue-maximizing pricing strategy using the concept of elasticityEvaluate techniques to learn about or increase demand and measure the tradeoffs and suitable applications of each approachUnderstand the accounting equation and demonstrate how different transactions impact itDefine key accounting concepts and principlesUnderstand where financial statement information originates by recording business transactions as journal entriesProductively use MS Office including Word, Excel and Access Related Harvard Business School Programs: Business Administration Management ? HBSO CORe?Business Administration Management with Co-op ? HBSO CORe?Business Administration Management with Practicum ? HBSO CORe?Global Marketing Management with Co-op ? HBSO CORe?Post-Graduate Diploma ? Global Business Management with Co-op ? HBSO Core? Share this program:FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrint

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