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This program is designed to provide the students with essential skills and theoretical knowledge required for a career in Business Administration industry. Students are taught how to efficiently use the right skills and knowledge in management, finance, marketing, and administration in the business world. They learn how to integrate the theoretical knowledge and skills gained in the classroom into real life corporate business situations. This program gives the student an edge to compete favourably in this exciting field.

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Alberta Business and Health Institute

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52 Weeks

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Alberta Student Aid, Line Of Credit, Scholarship

Program Overview
ABHI?s main objective is to deliver a quality education, practical knowledge, skills and practicum experience to the students, pertinent for a successful career in Business Administration Program. ABHI offers training to students to equip them with the prerequisite skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly growing industry in Canada. As an institution dedicated to students? learning, we are committed to:
?Ensure that the students are familiar with fundamentals of the business and management industry, its current organization, its system, and facilities.
?Help the students acquire theoretical, skills set and practical experiences.
?Provide the students with the training to help them gain business acumen, managerial ability, interpersonal and communication skills.
?Provide the students with the right tools and equipment to acquire necessary knowledge to function in various fields that includes human resources, finance, business
management and entrepreneurship.
?Ensure that the students have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is required of them as Business Administrators.
?Ensure that the students have enough time and adequate exposure in related fields of business administration
?Ensure that the students acquire extensive business knowledge to be bale for them to develop the right skills to improve their career options
Career Avenues
ABHI offers schedules that suit the needs of the students. Students will be given the opportunity and option to take courses full-time, part-time days or evenings or weekends. Successful graduates of this program will be qualified to work in various business settings and management occupations which includes the following:
?Administrative Assistant
?Account coordinator
?Business development coordinator or specialist
?Content creator or producer
?Assistant administrator
?Assistant manager
?Management associate
?Management trainee
?Office manager
?Program manager
?Project coordinator or manager
?Shift supervisor
?Event planner
?Inbound marketing specialist
?Marketing assistant, coordinator, or specialist
?Marketing research associate, coordinator, or specialist
?Social media coordinator or specialist
?Sales associate, coordinator, or representative

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