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The Accounting and Payroll (Online) diploma program covers key areas of financial accounting and payroll, business application software and the implementation and operation of a computerized accounting system.|Graduates will be secured with an associate membership in the National Payroll Institute and will be eligible to pursue the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification from the National Payroll Institute.|

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Do you want to become a skilled professional who oversees processes related to employee payroll and accounting? If you?re looking to pursue a challenging role in a professional business environment, the Accounting and Payroll online diploma program is the right fit and will provide you with the opportunity to pursue a new career from the comfort of your home so you can easily fit an education into your busy life.
Students will learn to apply payroll legislation, calculate individual pay and report government and third-party remittances. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate organizational processes and requirements to both internal and external stakeholders. You will be responsible for using administrative software to ensure that employees, in any given company, are working their designated hours, their cheques are being created correctly, and that they?re being paid in a timely manner. Students will be introduced to accounting concepts and procedures, such as debits and credits, analyzing and recording business transactions, banking procedures, and how to set up and interact with different ledgers.
You will also receive:
Training on the latest software applications required by employers, including QuickBooks and Sage 50
Knowledge of cash flow account and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) management, inventory costing, and financial statement analysis
Free software subscriptions for Microsoft Office and Windows
Career service assistance
You have the option to take the Accounting and Payroll (Online) program full-time at 20 hours per week, or part time at 10 hours per week.
Successful graduates of the program will be able to pursue their Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification? through the National Payroll Institute. This certification will help obtain an in-depth understanding of the legislative requirements to keep? organizations compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle. Once certified, graduates will be able to join a community of professionals and obtain access to the resources needed to stay current and compliant.
PCP certification requires three core payroll courses, an Introduction to Accounting course transfer credit and one year of weighted payroll work experience:
Payroll Compliance Legislation
Payroll Fundamentals 1 ? Prerequisite: Payroll Compliance Legislation
Payroll Fundamentals 2 ? Prerequisites: Payroll Compliance Legislation and Payroll Fundamentals 1
Introduction to Accounting ? must be completed at a post-secondary institution
PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA) ? a minimum of one year weighted payroll work experience
All PCP courses, including the Introduction to Accounting transfer credit course, require a passing grade of 65%.
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