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Good News for Future Personal Support Workers (PSW)

As we’re all aware, the global pandemic changed the world in a lot of ways. Especially the healthcare systems around the world. Being a healthcare professional has never been more in demand. While almost every other industry is suffering the impact of Covid-19, healthcare professionals are truly appreciated for their work. 

That’s particularly true if you are a resident of Ontario, Canada. The government is taking the necessary measures to offer the Personal Support Worker program for free. Yes, that’s right. The Ontario government has taken the initiative to strengthen its healthcare system.

In an attempt to continue to build a more resilient health care system for generations to come, the Ontario government is offering support for becoming a PSW. 

To address the shortage of PSWs, Ontario is providing a $54.7 million financial support program for up to 4000 new students at private career colleges in the province.

“Our government is committed to making investments that will ensure Ontarians have access to the care they need, and private career colleges have an excellent track record preparing students for in-demand roles in health and long-term care. We’re making it easier for more students to train as personal support workers at private career colleges to prepare them for critical jobs caring for some of the most vulnerable people as we build a more resilient and stronger health care system across Ontario.”

Jill Dunlop – Minister of Colleges and universities,

Here are the details for this investment:

Valid For Enrollments Between: 1st June and 30th September 2022

Financial Support Offered Under The Challenge Fund: $13,690 to cover costs of tuition, books and other mandatory fees, as well as a stipend for a clinical work placement.

Availability: This funding will be available to new students enrolled in a PSW program at one of the participating Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) approved private career colleges.

“Private Career Colleges are critical to meet the pressing demand of local health care facilities and long-term care homes. With the re-launched financial support program announced today, Private Career Colleges can continue to provide our health care system with much-needed, well-trained workers in numerous communities across the province.”

Adrian Sharma – Chair of Career Colleges Ontario

This investment supports the Ontario government’s long-term Care Staffing Plan, so that long-term care facilities can offer an average of four hours of direct care per day to residents.

Here are some facts for you to consider:

  1. In 2021-22, the province committed to spending up to $200 million to train up to 16,200 additional personal support workers through publicly-assisted colleges, private career colleges and district school boards.
  2. The first round of financial support for PSW training through private career colleges, launched in 2021, resulted in approximately 3,000 new PSWs completing training and graduating.
  3. PSW training is the second highest enrolment category at private career colleges in Ontario, and private career colleges train the majority of PSWs in the province.
  4. On March 2, 2022, the government announced an investment of up to $34 million over four years to increase enrolment in PSW and nursing programs at six Indigenous Institutes.
  5. A Better Place to Live; A Better Place to Work: Ontario’s Long-Term Care Staffing Plan is the province’s plan to increase the hours of direct care for residents to a system average of four hours per resident, per day by March 31, 2025. The plan sets out actions to hire more staff, improve working conditions for existing staff, drive effective and accountable leadership, and implement retention strategies.
  6. Job postings for PSWs have more than quadrupled (+443 percent) since 2017, with over 5,000 postings in 2021.

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